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Tips For Getting The Best Legal Journalism Education

If you are looking to get a good education, you will want to be sure to choose the best possible school. You not only want to look at the school that you are going to attend, but you also want to check their respective journalism program as well. A good school might have an average journalism program. Therefore, you do want to look at individual rankings of the respective programs you will be studying in. Below, we will talk about some of the top tips for getting the best journalism education.

Tips For Getting The Best Legal Journalism Education:

1. Picking The Right School and Program.

The main thing that you want to do is try to find a program that is highly rated. Finding a program that is highly rated is the single best way to ensure that you are going to get a really good education. Doing this will help you avoid choosing the wrong school that is not going to provide you with the best education that you can get.

2. Studying.

A lot of kids make the mistake of slacking off their first few years of college because they view the time as a time to have fun. By avoiding this period, you should be able to get a much better education. You want to avoid going through the period of time where you might want to slack off and do things other than study. You want to try to get a good amount of studying in each and every night. This is the single best way to ensure that you get the most out of your education.

legal journalism education

3. Get Help.

If you are dealing with issues with particular concepts or you are simply looking for extra help, do not be afraid to ask for it. Your school likely has a center that you can go to and you might even be able to go to your professor after class and talk with him/her about getting extra help.

Overall, getting the best education is all about choosing the right school and program and studying and doing the work that you are supposed to be doing. Taking school seriously from the start can help you get the best legal journalism education that you deserve. Be sure to follow the tips above to get the most out of your education.

How to Choose the Right Court Reporter Training

Finding the right court reporter training is a bit challenging. Why? Because there are so many training courses in different schools and colleges. Some of the training is not that great. Some courses are not reliable and it takes a lot of time to complete them. It is better to avoid them.

Choose a training program that has successful students. Read what other people are saying about the training and make sure that you can afford the training. Be willing to follow the training.

Here’s how to choose the right court reporter training.

Online Schools

There are several online schools that have this training. Start by searching for the right online school. The best schools have been providing this training for several years. They have a good reputation. And they get good reviews online.

Find out if there are successful court reporters from that school. If the school has successful students, know that they have the best training. If you follow their training, you will be successful too.

Talk to Successful Court Reporters

Successful court reporters have been where you are right now. They did their research. They picked the right training. They can help you pick the right training. However, make sure that you can trust the recommendation of the court reporter.

These court reporters can help you find the right school. If you follow what the court reporters tell you, you will be successful. Visit different schools and talk to the teachers who took this training. They can guide you. And they can recommend the right training.

The Cost

The cost is important because different schools and colleges charge different prices. Compare the prices of these schools. Visit their websites and check out their course outlines and the cost of completing the training.

Are you committed? Most people are not committed. That is why they give up before they become successful court reporters. Becoming a successful court reporter is not easy. It takes time. You must be willing to work hard and follow the right training. Look for help when you encounter problems.

You now know how to find the right court reporter training. The best schools have the best training. Make sure that you can afford the training. And be willing to follow the training. Do not jump from one school to another. Talk to successful court reporters, they can help you pick the right training and school.

court reporter training

Free Legal Journals

Whether you are currently established in a legal profession or studying law, staying abreast of the law is mandatory. An excellent way to stay up to date with the law is subscribing to legal journals. In this brief read, we have outlined a few free journals of the law from well-known sources. After all, staying up to date does not mean you need to spend a fortune.

Duke Law

The Duke University of Law provides issues of its journal for free online. You can download and print these issues without incurring any charges or even read them online. If you want professionally printed copies, there is a yearly subscription rate for United States delivery. Keep in mind that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program to read current and archived issues online as they are usually offered in PDF format.

In addition, this journal is part of a broader community in law. Ensure you go through the Legal Workshop as it features op-ed article versions posted by other legal journals involved in this distinct judicial symposium. The articles published here can be provoking, but they are not as long as the journal articles.

legal journals

The Open Law Journal

This is a peer review online legal journal that publishes original research articles, reviews, and short articles that cover the State and Federal as well as International law. The Open Legal Journal publishes about five articles, and according to its manuscript guidelines, the research articles should be between 10 to 30 pages.

Like many other online journals, the Open Law Journal articles can be read online or downloaded in PDF versions.

The Web Journal of Current Legal Issues

This journal is based in the United Kingdom and it is published roughly five times a year by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. As the name suggests, it focuses on the current matters in law reform, legislation, judicial decisions, information technology, practice and legal information. Each issue usually contains various book reviews and in-depth articles.

The issues are posted online where anyone can read them online. They are also available in PDF versions for those who like to print or read offline. To download a book review or article, you will need to go to the site’s index and chose the issue with the article that you would like to read. You will then have to click download, and that’s it.

What It Takes To Be A Court Reporter


court reporting

Court reporting is one of the jobs that a person without certain skills cannot do. It needs plenty of good qualities for one to be a court reporter with a good reputation. Here are the qualities of a good court reporter.

This is key to being good at this job. A court reporter will need to be available even before the attorneys and their clients arrive at court. There should be no instance in which the reporter has missed some minutes of the proceedings, no matter how few.

Possess Business Etiquette
This is essential for a court reporter. It means that they should always dress appropriately when attending court proceedings and should also be polite in case they have to address anyone in the court. If they are working at a business meeting, then they should ensure that there is respect towards any party and proper introductions are made if none of the sides know each other.

A good court reporter should know how to keep matters that should never leave the meeting quiet. There will be some cases in which the reporter has to handle sensitive information that should not leave the place. They should be able to keep this information confidential without any strain.

Possess The Right Set Of Skills
These days, knowing all the machine shorthand is not the only way to be a court reporter that is good at their job. They should also be very good at grammar, proofreading, be very quick at transcribing information provided. They should also be able to punctuate effortlessly as when people are speaking they will often not punctuate. Their final work should contain no errors.

Remaining Neutral
This means that their work should never reflect their opinions about any case. They should always report the facts and keep their feelings about any case or witnesses out of the work. Their work should not show favor to one party. Even with the toughest cases, they will need to remain non-judgemental and maintain their focus.

Well Organized
This is another quality that is required in order for court reporters to be effective. They will have to handle different proceedings on the same day and they will need to present very clear transcripts that have no errors. That means that they should always be organized and provide every detail needed for the proceedings. This ensures that their work is reliable.

Three Tips for Smart Legal Documentation

smart legal documentation

Legal Documentation Tips

When you’re trying to complete legal documents, you must remember that there are additional things to keep in mind. By following just a few simple tips for smart legal documentation, you can ensure a stronger case, a happier client, and overall, a better experience.

Tip #1  Always State The Facts

Often, in legal cases, it is easy to become wrapped up in the emotions that are being felt by all parties involved. For this reason, it is very important that you always stick to the facts. When it is crucial to state how a client or individual feels about something, always make certain to quote them as stating such, rather than stating it yourself.
For example, instead of writing that Sally seemed to be very upset over the accident, write that Sally said “I’ve been very emotional and upset since the accident.” This will keep you from showing opinions, but still relay the emotional state of your client.

Tip #2  Keep Up With Supporting Documents

One of the most important things that you can do when completing any type of legal documentation is to make certain that you include supporting documents and note what document supports your documentation in the first place.
Since all documentation needs to be based on fact, rather than opinion, having supporting documentation to reference frequently is critical to having a successful case.

For example, when referencing a client’s medical bill, state something along the lines of “Sally’s visit to Dr. Bob on August 3 revealed additional trauma to her leg. See attached physicians note dated August 3rd, 2016.”

Tip #3  Send Copies To All Involved Parties

One thing that is often overlooked in many law offices is to make certain that all involved parties receive copies of correspondences. Any time you are requesting additional information in writing, make certain that you send a copy of the letter to your client, maintain a copy in the law office, and send a copy to the party that you need additional information from.

By doing this, you can ensure that all involved parties have documented records showing information needed to move forward with the case.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the tips for smart legal documentation above, maintaining good client records is much simpler than you may have previously thought possible. By taking just a little bit of extra time when completing documentation, you can help to build a much stronger case for both your client and your firm.

How to Write a Law Article


writing law articles

Tips for Writing the Best Law Article

Legal articles are always more complicated than normal articles because they need a lot of research, reading old cases, understanding the core issues and articulating them accordingly. Therefore, if you are thinking about writing a law article here are some useful tips to help you get a lot of readers.

• Think About The Audience and Write the Extract

Once you have identified the topic for your legal article, you need to consider the audience. Basically, you need to identify them and the type of information they need to know. With that in mind, you should be able to find the right voice for your article. On the other hand, your language will also become appropriate including any graphics you add to the article.

The legal extract articulates directly to the people whose attention has been grabbed by the headlines. Make sure it is short, explanatory, catching and also pithy. You can ask a question in the extract, make a statement or offer a benefit, allowing the reader to continue with the rest of the article.

• The Headline and Opening Sentences

Your article’s headline should immediately capture the attention of your audience. You need to let them know why they should read the article. Don’t use very clever headlines that might actually hide the message portrayed by the entire article. Before submitting the article, give a third party to read it and decide whether or not their attention was captured.

The first sentence of your article needs to align with the headline and the extract. They need to tell the same story in a different way. Give the audience a little nudge to read the rest of the article. If you asked a question in the extract, the first sentence should be the right answer.

• Add Relevant Images

An article with too much text ends up boring the reader. Therefore, you need to add a few visuals to your article. However, always choose relevant images. You need an image that summarizes the story in your article. It should always be appropriate and not too obscene. The size of the image should also align with the rest of the text.

• The Writing Style

You need to choose a legal writing style for the article. For instance, you should add short sentences and paragraphs as well as headings or quotes to make it more interesting. You should also use larger fonts and avoid using a lot of legalese that might make everything jargon to the readers.

What You Should Know About Legal Journalism

about legal journalism

All About Legal Journalism

The legal profession is a very competitive one, but not everyone who gets a start in law needs to become a judge or a lawyer. There are other fields, such as legal journalism, that are a good option for people who have earned a law degree.

Familiarity with the Law

Legal journalism is an interesting field. While it is possible to get a job in legal journalism with a standard journalism degree, having a law degree can give you an upper hand with the position. Journalists need to have a basic familiarity with the law, and those who are actually writing about court cases need to have an even stronger understanding of their responsibilities and how what they say could be interpreted, as well as their responsibilities.

There are many things that a journalist must be aware of. Regardless of what field you are working in, copyright is important. In addition, journalists must think about privacy and whether the information will be in the public interest. The more intimate the details that they are thinking of publishing, the greater the ‘public interest’ justification should be. With legal journalism in particular, there are the issues of contempt of court.  It is irrelevant whether you intended your reporting to commit contempt; there are restrictions that you must honor and there are others that may be enforced at the discretion of the courts.

Be Prepared

Journalists are expected to write quickly and we are entering an age where publications are strapped for resources and sub editors and fact checkers are increasingly being overlooked. More and more responsibilities are being passed off onto the writers themselves, and this is something that anyone wanting to get into journalism should be aware of. The best journalists are ones that can write quickly, and that can do so while still following best practices.

Defamation can be a serious issue for legal journalists. If information is published and it can be reasonably understood to be referring to someone, then regardless of whether you are talking about them or not it is possible for them to try to make the case that you were, and to sue you. Be mindful of this when you are writing, because it can get you into some difficult situations. That’s why so many publications favor people with a good legal understanding for delicate cases.

How to Become a Legal Journalist

be a legal journalist

Tips On A Career As A Legal Journalist

Are you interested in pursuing a career in journalism? Maybe you want to become a legal journalist. If you do, then this is how you do it.

1. Get An Education-

The first step is to get an education, preferably in journalism. It’s not required to do so, but obtaining a degree in journalism can increase your chances of landing a good job. Try to aim for some sort of degree, whether it’s an associate’s or a bachelor’s, or go to a school that is designed for aspiring law journalists.

It’s also a good idea to go to law school. Attending law school will give you the upper-hand when you enter the field. Just remember, if you plan to go to law school, then you’ll want to obtain an undergraduate degree beforehand.

2. Try To Get An Internship-

Try to land an internship with a company that hires legal journalists. This may be difficult to do, but the key to getting one is to contact as many companies as possible. The more companies you contact, the better your chances of getting an internship. Plus, if you manage to become an intern at a company, there’s a good chance it will lead to a paid position and a permanent full-time position.

3. Become A Legal Contributor-

If you are considered an expert or have a lot of legal experience, the consider contacting a news network and ask them to become a legal contributor. There are many news networks and print media outlets that are looking for legal experts to contribute. If you do a good job and build up a following, then the position could lead to full-time permanent work.

4. Create A Blog-

Another way to become a legal journalist is to create a blog in the niche you’re an expert in and publish articles frequently. You can use these articles to build a portfolio and you can add your work with your blog to your resume. If you’re an active legal blogger, you may catch the attention of local newspapers or news outlets and this could lead to a permanent position with a company. Also, look for big name legal websites and find out if they are looking for bloggers/writers, as this may lead to a stable career in legal journalism.

Being a legal journalist is rewarding and it’s a fun career. If you’re serious about becoming one, then keep the above information in mind. The sooner you take the above actions, the sooner you can become a legal journalist.