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How to Become a Legal Journalist

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Tips On A Career As A Legal Journalist

Are you interested in pursuing a career in journalism? Maybe you want to become a legal journalist. If you do, then this is how you do it.

1. Get An Education-

The first step is to get an education, preferably in journalism. It’s not required to do so, but obtaining a degree in journalism can increase your chances of landing a good job. Try to aim for some sort of degree, whether it’s an associate’s or a bachelor’s, or go to a school that is designed for aspiring law journalists.

It’s also a good idea to go to law school. Attending law school will give you the upper-hand when you enter the field. Just remember, if you plan to go to law school, then you’ll want to obtain an undergraduate degree beforehand.

2. Try To Get An Internship-

Try to land an internship with a company that hires legal journalists. This may be difficult to do, but the key to getting one is to contact as many companies as possible. The more companies you contact, the better your chances of getting an internship. Plus, if you manage to become an intern at a company, there’s a good chance it will lead to a paid position and a permanent full-time position.

3. Become A Legal Contributor-

If you are considered an expert or have a lot of legal experience, the consider contacting a news network and ask them to become a legal contributor. There are many news networks and print media outlets that are looking for legal experts to contribute. If you do a good job and build up a following, then the position could lead to full-time permanent work.

4. Create A Blog-

Another way to become a legal journalist is to create a blog in the niche you’re an expert in and publish articles frequently. You can use these articles to build a portfolio and you can add your work with your blog to your resume. If you’re an active legal blogger, you may catch the attention of local newspapers or news outlets and this could lead to a permanent position with a company. Also, look for big name legal websites and find out if they are looking for bloggers/writers, as this may lead to a stable career in legal journalism.

Being a legal journalist is rewarding and it’s a fun career. If you’re serious about becoming one, then keep the above information in mind. The sooner you take the above actions, the sooner you can become a legal journalist.