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How to Write a Law Article


writing law articles

Tips for Writing the Best Law Article

Legal articles are always more complicated than normal articles because they need a lot of research, reading old cases, understanding the core issues and articulating them accordingly. Therefore, if you are thinking about writing a law article here are some useful tips to help you get a lot of readers.

• Think About The Audience and Write the Extract

Once you have identified the topic for your legal article, you need to consider the audience. Basically, you need to identify them and the type of information they need to know. With that in mind, you should be able to find the right voice for your article. On the other hand, your language will also become appropriate including any graphics you add to the article.

The legal extract articulates directly to the people whose attention has been grabbed by the headlines. Make sure it is short, explanatory, catching and also pithy. You can ask a question in the extract, make a statement or offer a benefit, allowing the reader to continue with the rest of the article.

• The Headline and Opening Sentences

Your article’s headline should immediately capture the attention of your audience. You need to let them know why they should read the article. Don’t use very clever headlines that might actually hide the message portrayed by the entire article. Before submitting the article, give a third party to read it and decide whether or not their attention was captured.

The first sentence of your article needs to align with the headline and the extract. They need to tell the same story in a different way. Give the audience a little nudge to read the rest of the article. If you asked a question in the extract, the first sentence should be the right answer.

• Add Relevant Images

An article with too much text ends up boring the reader. Therefore, you need to add a few visuals to your article. However, always choose relevant images. You need an image that summarizes the story in your article. It should always be appropriate and not too obscene. The size of the image should also align with the rest of the text.

• The Writing Style

You need to choose a legal writing style for the article. For instance, you should add short sentences and paragraphs as well as headings or quotes to make it more interesting. You should also use larger fonts and avoid using a lot of legalese that might make everything jargon to the readers.

Write a Law Review: A Quick and Easy Guide

writing law reviews

Law Reviews: A Quick Tutorial

Writing law reviews is something that you may find yourself needing to do from time to time or even more often. When you do need to perform the task, making sure you do so in a timely manner is a smart choice as it allows you to have more time for things in life that you enjoy. However, getting to the point where you are able to do create a law review quickly and accurately isn’t something that comes naturally. You can, though, use the tips that follow to help you write law reviews in a quick manner. Continue reading for the advice that you need.

First Things First

The first thing that you need to do is find an area of law that is interesting to you. Family law? Criminal law? International law?

Sure, you could focus on every single division of the law, but by choosing to narrow your focus, you can gain helpful knowledge. If you’re not sure, do an online search for law firms in different fields, and get to know the scope of the different fields. For example, search New York City International Law Firm, or Houston International Law Firm or Chicago International Law Attorneys.  As you narrow your focus on a field that you find interesting, it will be much easier for you to write.


Next, learn all you can about the area of law that you are choosing to focus on. For instance, if family law is your interest, take time to read law reviews and learn about the laws that pertain to this subject. The more time you spend doing this, the easier and quicker your writing will become.

Then, start to look at what people are interested in. What are people reading pertaining to your law focus? By taking time to learn about this, you can write about what people want to or need to read.

Last but Not Least

After that, create a template or a format for writing your law reviews quickly. You can find them or you can create your own. Chances are, by manipulating one that you find or creating your own, you will find it easier to use. By taking ownership of the format, you are able to know exactly what it contains and how to make it work for you.

As you can see, you can write law reviews quickly, accurately, and effectively by using the tips that have been shared here. Start by picking an area in which you have interest. Then, read the law reviews in this focus and start to find out what is needed. After that, you can create a law review template that will help you write reviews that will be useful to your readers.