What It Takes To Be A Court Reporter


court reporting

Court reporting is one of the jobs that a person without certain skills cannot do. It needs plenty of good qualities for one to be a court reporter with a good reputation. Here are the qualities of a good court reporter.

This is key to being good at this job. A court reporter will need to be available even before the attorneys and their clients arrive at court. There should be no instance in which the reporter has missed some minutes of the proceedings, no matter how few.

Possess Business Etiquette
This is essential for a court reporter. It means that they should always dress appropriately when attending court proceedings and should also be polite in case they have to address anyone in the court. If they are working at a business meeting, then they should ensure that there is respect towards any party and proper introductions are made if none of the sides know each other.

A good court reporter should know how to keep matters that should never leave the meeting quiet. There will be some cases in which the reporter has to handle sensitive information that should not leave the place. They should be able to keep this information confidential without any strain.

Possess The Right Set Of Skills
These days, knowing all the machine shorthand is not the only way to be a court reporter that is good at their job. They should also be very good at grammar, proofreading, be very quick at transcribing information provided. They should also be able to punctuate effortlessly as when people are speaking they will often not punctuate. Their final work should contain no errors.

Remaining Neutral
This means that their work should never reflect their opinions about any case. They should always report the facts and keep their feelings about any case or witnesses out of the work. Their work should not show favor to one party. Even with the toughest cases, they will need to remain non-judgemental and maintain their focus.

Well Organized
This is another quality that is required in order for court reporters to be effective. They will have to handle different proceedings on the same day and they will need to present very clear transcripts that have no errors. That means that they should always be organized and provide every detail needed for the proceedings. This ensures that their work is reliable.

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